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An interdisciplinary approach towards novel therapeutic and diagnostic tools between the Department of Chemistry & Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne

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RNA molecules are natural regulatory elements encompassing an array of sophisticated cellular mechanisms that regulate a variety of biological functions. Interfering RNAs (iRNA) including small interfering RNAs (siRNA) and microRNAs (miRNA) have shown great promise as tools for therapeutic and diagnostic interventions, owing to their potential to interfere and to block specifically various RNA species, which are dysregulated in disease. However, therapeutic application of iRNA is hampered by its rapid clearance due to degradation, renal filtration and off-target effects whereas its diagnostic use is limited because of the low abundance in body fluids.

To overcome these limitations and to develop advanced strategies for iRNA mediated therapies and/or for non-invasive diagnostic RNA profiling, this UoC-Forum presents an interdisciplinary concept, in which the therapeutic or diagnostic information unit (iRNA) will be co-conjugated to functional linker domains (peptides) and nanoscopic inorganic carriers capable of entering (sub)cellular compartments.